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EP-GRIP® Surface systems

EP-GRIP® are surface systems based on a binder of reactive resin (OB-RH) according to ZTV BEB-StB as well as TL BEB-StB, TP B-StB or Merkblatt BEB. They are used on both lightly and heavily loaded traffic areas to improve skid resistance and reduce tire-road noise. In municipal and commercial applications, EP-GRIP® URBAN is used with special, color-coordinated natural chippings for the decorative design of squares and paths.

The production is carried out with mobile, computer-controlled two-component mixing and laying machines, usually under half-lane closure, during day or night.By using light-colored scattering grains, the roadway can be lightened to improve visibility in the dark and in tunnels, thus contributing to increased traffic safety.

Matthias Becke

Matthias Becke

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Michael Dirschedl

Michael Dirschedl

Division Manager Special Pavements for Traffic and Aviation Surfaces

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