Maximum traffic safety on roads and highways

Accident free roads in any weather

The performance of highway interchanges is significantly influenced by the design of the entrance and exit ramps and the flyover structures. A lack of grip in these areas often leads to accidents and provokes traffic jams. It is precisely on such critical sections of road that EP-GRIP® MOBIL with its good grip makes a significant contribution to trouble-free traffic flow.

This durable, maintenance-free coating retains its grip even under heavy traffic loads and is insensitive to weather and environmental influences. This technology also scores points for its strong noise-reducing effect.

Thanks to the use of highly polish-resistant aggregates, the finished pavement offers skid resistance values between 70 and 85 SRT units. Measurements with the lateral force measurement method (SKM) resulted in adhesion coefficients of μ ≥ 0.7 at 80 km/h measurement speed on federal highways and at 40 km/h in the area of acceleration and deceleration lanes, loops and tangents.

EP-GRIP® MOBIL from POSSEHL is a surface treatment based on the binder of reaction resin and complies with the specifications of ZTV BEB-StB, TL BEB-StB, TP BEB-StB and Merkblatt BEB. They are also recommended as reaction resin coatings in the "Merkblatt für griffigkeitsverbessernde Maßnahmen an Verkehrsflächen aus Asphalt" as a suitable construction method.

Michael Dirschedl

Michael Dirschedl

Division Manager Special Pavements for Traffic and Aviation Surfaces

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Shortened braking distances

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Reduced risk of aquaplaning

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Less spray plumes

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Better visibility in the dark

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No danger from subsequent binder accumulation on the surface

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Reduced icing of exposed flyover sections in winter