Safety and design in urban and landscaping construction

Natural design of asphalt and concrete surfaces

Creative ideas, individual one-off solutions and a wide range of design options:

EP-GRIP® URBAN stands for high-quality implementation of sophisticated urban and landscape planning. In a very short time, functional areas can be transformed into modern meeting places of the urban lifestyle - with an attractive lighting effect.

There are virtually no limits to unusual shapes and colors. After application, the surface can be used quickly. These are the best prerequisites for urban development projects and the attractive redesign of squares, parks, pedestrian zones and comparable areas.

  • Binder based on reactive resins into which an aggregate mixture is sprinkled
  • Effective structure and color design through the use of different natural or industrially produced types of aggregate in various grain sizes and a wide range of color shades
  • Surfaces can be used quickly after coating
  • Easy cleaning with standard tools
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Benefit & Efficiency

Studies conducted by RWTH Aachen University prove that our product lasts at least 5 times longer than conventional parking pavements made of cold plastic. The increased grip in ice, snow and wet conditions minimizes the effort required by winter services. This means a significant cost reduction for cities and municipalities.

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Color & Design

An almost infinite selection of color shades is available for EP-GRIP® URBAN. Natural as well as colored aggregates allow a wide color spectrum for individual surface design. There are virtually no limits to design and individuality.

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Urban life

The attractive design of urban spaces turns parks and squares into meeting places for leisure time: the "green" centers of the modern city. After all, people only want to linger where they feel comfortable.

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EP-GRIP® URBAN consists of epoxy resin and aggregate. The convex surface structure achieves excellent skid resistance values (SRT value), even in extreme weather conditions. This minimizes the risk of accidents and makes the use of squares and paths safer.

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Underground protection

EP-GRIP® URBAN protects the existing pavement underneath. This prevents, for example, embrittlement of the asphalt. The service life is extended and optimized. This protects the environment and reduces costs for cities and municipalities.

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By using renewable raw materials in our epoxy resin, we conserve resources and ensure a better eco-balance. Brightly coated surfaces reduce warming and local urban areas can be made more climate-friendly.