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For more than 30 years, we have been experts in surfaces and develop new innovative traffic surface systems for traffic routes of all kinds, individually adapted to the constantly changing traffic conditions and resulting safety requirements. With EP-GRIP® VELO, we are applying this know-how to Europe's cycle paths.

What is EP-GRIP® VELO made of?

Our system consists of a flexible epoxy-resin-based material into which an aggregate mixture is sprinkled. Compared to other, conventional cycle path coatings, this formulation has many convincing advantages. Versatile: All types of substrate can be coated - whether asphalt, concrete, wood or steel. The possibilities are also immense in terms of shaping and color design of the surface. EP-GRIP® VELO can be applied both mechanically on large cycle paths and manually on small surfaces.

EP-GRIP® VELO is the alternative coating for traffic areas and cannot be compared with any other product on the market. Innovation by POSSEHL - "Made in Germany".

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Benefit & Efficiency

Studies by RWTH Aachen University prove: Our product lasts at least 5 times longer than conventional cold plastic cycle path coatings. A clear cost saving for cities and municipalities.

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Color & Design

An almost infinite selection of color shades is available. The specifications from the German Road Markings Association (DSGS) for the design of red cycling facilities are fully met.

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The material structure breaks the surface tension of water surfaces. The reflection effect when exposed to light cannot occur. The color of the cycle path is therefore clearly distinguished from the road surface even in wet conditions.

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EP-GRIP® VELO consists of epoxy resin and aggregate. The convex surface structure achieves excellent skid resistance values (SRT value), even in extreme weather conditions.

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Mobility transition

Through the attractive design of urban cycle paths, POSSEHL promotes the mobility turnaround and thus contributes to an improvement in the municipal carbon footprint.

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Underground protection 

EP-GRIP® VELO protects the existing pavement underneath. This prevents, for example, embrittlement of the asphalt. The service life is extended and optimized. This protects the environment and reduces costs for cities and municipalities.

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Low abrasion

High-quality binders make the material particularly flexible and resistant. The abrasion of microplastics is significantly reduced. This protects the groundwater and relieves the burden on the municipal sewage network.

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By using renewable raw materials in our epoxy resin, we conserve resources and ensure a better eco-balance.

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Reduced heating

Brightly coated surfaces reflect solar radiation better than dark road surfaces and therefore do not heat up as much. This leads to a reduction in heat radiation. Local urban areas become more climate-friendly and the albedo effect is actively mitigated.


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