The protection from heat, fuel and chemicals

The protective coating for traffic surfaces

POSSEHL PAVEPROTECT is an epoxy treatment for the protection of surfaces exposed to aggressive substances. The treated surfaces offer the numerous advantages over untreated surfaces and also get longer life and value retention. POSSEHL PAVEPROTECT uses a special sand embedded in a two-component epoxy resin binder. A special tinted top coat in a wide range of colors is available as an option. POSSEHL PAVEPROTECT is installed using a special machine with an integrated control system that ensures precise distribution of the binder; the treated surface is ready for use after just a few hours. Daytime or nighttime application allows for minimal disruption to operations.

The layer thickness of POSSEHL PAVEPROTECT is approximately 3 mm, eliminating the need to lift existing gutters and adjacent surfaces.

POSSEHL PAVEPROTECT is suitable for all surfaces, such as aprons, taxiways, harbors, helipads or logistics facilities, which are exposed to the above mentioned damaging influences.

Michael Dirschedl

Michael Dirschedl

Division Manager Special Pavements for Traffic and Aviation Surfaces

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  • Extension of the functional life of the asphalt/concrete surface layer
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Resistance to heat, fuel and all known chemical deicing agents

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Resistant even to rubber/dirt removal by high-pressure water jets