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Civil engineering structures such as tunnels or bridges made of concrete or masonry can be found everywhere, but even when such robust and stable materials are used, the ravages of time wear away at these durable structures and fatigue damage occurs in the form of cracks, fractures, spalling or leaks.Particularly in the case of older structures such as bridges or facades, monument preservation aspects often have to be taken into account during restoration.

Thanks to the broad positioning of our group of companies, we always have competent partners on hand for all areas and can create the perfect restoration concept for your requirements. We specialize in structures for the German railroads or railroad lines in general. Here we deliver solution-oriented refurbishment concepts for almost every point of contact with the railroad: from station stairs to sleeper refurbishment, we offer a large portfolio of services here.

Matthias Becke

Matthias Becke

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Mathias Schäfer

Mathias Schäfer

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Masonry repair

Whether retaining walls on tracks or a facade renovation. We are the right partner for the renovation of masonry structures.

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Concrete repair

Cracks, joints, spalling, etc. - we offer the right, expert solution for all types of concrete repair.