Renovation, repair and renewal of concrete floors
Industrial floor and hall refurbishment


Are you planning to move the shelves in your warehouse?Repair the floor in your storage room? Or renewing the flooring in your production area?

As experts for special construction projects, surfaces, joints and edges, we offer you customised solutions for your industrial floor and hall renovation. In addition to comprehensive coatings, our WP joint profiles and steel anchor plates are particularly impressive as sustainable and cost-efficient refurbishment measures.

Requirements for industrial and hall floors

Industrial floors must meet the highest standards, particularly with regard to safety and accident protection. They must be slip-resistant, non-slip and even to ensure a safe and pleasant working environment. Under no circumstances should they become tripping hazards or risk areas.

However, even the most beautiful and safest industrial and warehouse floor is not 100 per cent protected against damage. Every day, pallet trucks, forklift trucks and other (sometimes heavy) transport vehicles and stored goods put a strain on the flooring, causing wear and abrasion. Any leaking chemicals also damage the surface. This results in cracks that gradually spread, flaking at edges and transitions, as well as chipping in the door, joint and gate areas, for example.

In order to repair such defects in your production hall or warehouse, your workshop, your supermarket, your print shop or your container storage area and to permanently repair your hall floor, the installation of high-quality joint profiles and anchor plates is a good option as part of your industrial and hall refurbishment. Cracks, holes and spalling can be professionally and permanently sealed with special EP mortar.

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Your advantages with joint profiles and anchor plates

By using high-quality joints and tiles, you can extend the service life of your industrial floor in the long term. Thanks to their high resistance, flexibility and mobility, they absorb the majority of loads. Deformations, cracks and spalling caused by temperature fluctuations or high pressure are minimised. In fact, your floor gains stability and safety as a result of the renovation.

The result is a resistant industrial and warehouse floor that you can rely on at all times, regardless of whether you install the steel anchor plates and joint profiles during or after construction. This significantly reduces the need for frequent repairs and maintenance work and saves you maintenance and costs in the long term.

WP joint profiles

The permanent solution for joint and crack problems

WP joint profiles are the optimum solution for cracks and splintering. As an alternative to conventional steel profiles, the high-molecular plastic guarantees a high load-bearing capacity. Even being driven over by heavy goods vehicles cannot harm these profiles. Their sinusoidal design enables interlocking load interlocking so that lateral force transmission is supported. The profiles are glued, resin-coated, mortared or positively anchored into the industrial floor at the same level during or after construction.

Advantages of the WP joint profiles

  •     Vibration and noise damping (whisper joint profile)
  •     Gentle on forklift truck personnel, tyres and equipment electronics, as hard impacts are avoided when driving over them
  •     Non-corrosive
  •     Moisture-resistant
  •     Permanently and securely bonded to the screed
  •     Sufficiently rigid
  •     Colour: dust grey, similar to RAL 7037; other colours on request

Steel anchor plates

The solution for all critical connection points

Steel anchor plates are the right choice for renovating your industrial and warehouse floor at critical points with permanent permanent loads. The plates made of high-quality rolled steel ensure a high load-bearing capacity in all transition areas, for example at gate and door areas or in front of dock levellers.

The consistently high quality and skilled installation ensure that industrial trucks run smoothly, even in the joint area.

Advantages of steel anchor plates

  •     Robust and economical to use
  •     Precise and dimensionally stable
  •     Shock and impact resistant
  •     Non-slip
  •     Break-resistant and durable
  •     Virtually unlimited service life
  •     Dust-free, as there is no abrasion