For firm stand and long durability
Masonry restoration

Rehabilitation of walls
Masonry restoration

Many of our current buildings still consist of natural or clinker masonry. Some of them are already several hundred years old and are under monument protection and urgently require renovation or static-constructive safeguarding. With our experienced staff, we can secure these buildings from a monument preservation point of view and preserve them for future generations or even put them to a new use.

We also carry out the following work under the supervision of the monument preservation authorities:

  • jointing of natural and clinker masonry by hand or by spraying
  • masonry additions and preservations
  • injection of cracks and cavities also with foam mortar
  • Needling
  • Tensioning anchors
  • Micro-drilled piles and anchors
  • shoring and underpinning
Mathias Schäfer

Mathias Schäfer

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