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KATFIX DSK by POSSEHL is a standard construction method for the maintenance and repair of traffic areas made of asphalt and concrete according to ZTV BEA-StB 09/13, which has been proven and continuously developed since the 1980s.

The microsurfacing asphalt consists of:

  • Particularly high-quality and polish-resistant natural hard aggregates of graded grain size up to 8 mm (mixture of coarse and fine aggregates as well as own filler) according to TL Gestein-StB.
  • Cationic, polymer-modified bitumen emulsion C65BP6-DSK according to TL BE- StB with bonding agent and additive additives
  • Standard cement for crushing time control
  • The polymer modification of the bitumen in the cationic bitumen emulsion causes an extension of the plasticity range, i.e. greater flexibility at low temperatures and higher stability at high temperatures. DSK pavements thus become significantly more flexible and resistant to deformation. DSK mixes are produced and laid using special, self-propelled mixing and laying machines. High formulation accuracies are achieved through state-of-the-art computer-controlled metering technology. KATFIX DSK is recommended for the following areas of application:
  • Leached (open-pored) asphalts
  • Rutting
  • Lack of skid resistance
  • Inhomogeneous appearance
Michael Dirschedl

Michael Dirschedl

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Shortened braking distances

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Reduced risk of aquaplaning

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Less spray plumes

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Better visibility in the dark

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No danger from subsequent binder accumulation on the surface

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Reduced icing of exposed flyover sections in winter