New village roads, Gühlitz

Road renewal with a difference
Village roads Gühlitz

Granted - Gühlitz is a very small village in the Wendland region, but still, it is a village that we have completely coated. The village was included in a European funding program as part of a village renewal program. In addition to the structural requirements, the visual preservation of the historic center of the Rundling village played a major role here.

Naturally, the road surface was also to be adapted to the historic appearance. With this objective in mind, I was approached by the architectural firm responsible for the planning. And what could be more obvious than our EP-GRIP URBAN? All in all, a good 1,300 m² were coated. The scumble material came from EUROQUARZ, so that all the materials used came from POSSEHL.

Matthias Becke

Matthias Becke

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